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Creating Your Sponsorship Package

1. Open your choice of Sponsorship Template, either PowerPoint or the Word Doc.  

2. Watch the video 'Tips On Creating Your Sponsorship Package'  as you are creating your sponsorship package as it walks you through how to do it.

3. Below you will find your list of 500 Companies that sponsor businesses up to 100,000 and additional information and tips.

4. If you have any questions please call Lee Romanov at 949-545-4211 or email

SECTION 1 List Of Corporate Sponsors


List of Sponsors - Click to download.

Here's your list of 500 Corporate Sponsors & their contact information. 

Many of these companies are international, so if you are outside of the USA then call the contact and ask them for the person's name, phone number and email you should be talking to or your location. 

SECTION 2 - Sponsorship Package Template

sponsorThe Sponsorship Package Template outlines the information that Corporations will need before they are able to sponsor you.

You can either use our PowerPoint or Word Doc template.

Sponsorship Package Templates 
1. PowerPoint

2.  Word Doc (Guide)

Splash Page example: click here

Phrases & Words to use: Powerful Phrases and Words.

cover letter

Cover Letter or Cover Email

Cover Letter or Cover Email; Click to view.


Telephone Intro

Telephone Intro; Click to view. 


Sponsorship Contract Agreement; Click to Download.  

Here's everything you need to create and to send out your Sponsorship Package.

How To Sell A Sponsor - Review

Here are the things everyone pitches to potential sponsors and if you do, you'll need to prove it, click to view

Tips For Getting The Best Results

1)  How to target the right sponsor, click to view.

2)  Reasons why a company would sponsor you, 
click to view.

3)  Tips on successful sponsorships, click to view.

steps10 Steps to Getting Corporate Sponsors  

1. Dreamer Stage: Make your wish list of potential sponsor.

2. Manifesting Dreams Stage: Write your sponsor proposal.

3. Fishing Expedition Stage: Call the company and ask for the marketing department. If it’s media, they may have a promotions department. You’ll either reach a live person or leave voice mail.

When you reach a live person, tell them that you are looking at presenting a sponsorship proposal to their company and if they had a moment to answer some quick questions to see if there’s a match.

a) Ask them about their organization’s goals and visions.

b) What’s important to them, or the message they want relay to their clients.

c) Ask them if they could share any of their previous successful sponsorships they’ve done in the past (Any good ideas you discover, you may want to incorporate in your sponsorship package).

d) What benefits they would want you to provide for them.

e) Ask about their sponsorship levels; $25.000, $50000 $75,000, $100,000.

f) Do they do trades too? (i.e. products, food, beverages, clothing, etc.).

4. Bragging Rights Stage: Tell them about the compelling benefits of your property. Ask them what they like best. Be brief, but brilliant.

5. Closing In Stage: Ask them how they want you to send them your proposal, email or mail and tell them that you will give them a follow-up phone call to make sure they got it.
Ask them if they like it, what would be the next steps. It will be either a phone discussion or meeting.

6. Back To The Drawing Board Stage: Tweak your sponsorship proposal to line up with the organization’s goals, visions and what’s important to them.

7. Follow-up Fun Stage :-(    Call and ask if they had a chance to review your sponsor proposal. If they haven’t, email it again to them and call them back in 5-15 minutes to make sure they got it this time.

Review your proposal with them as to how it lines up with their company’s goals, visions and what’s important to them. Answer their questions, be flexible but don’t agree to something you can’t or don’t wanted to do.  

Ask what sponsor level they would consider and find out what they would trade with you. Find out what benefits they would want you to provide for them. Now it’s time to make another appointment to meet the next person to talk to, or talk again and close the deal.

If it’s a no, tell them that you are going to be sending this proposal to another company and do they have any suggestion for you. Plus, ask them if they know of a company that this would be a better fit for you and if they do, ask them if they know who you can talk to.

Yeah!!! A referral! Then call that person and say the Mr. SoAndSo suggested you might be interested in what I have to offer. Then start back again to the Fishing Expedition Stage or call from your Corporate Sponsor’s List.

8. In For The Close Stage: At the closing appointment, send them the 1 page sponsor contract. Have them sign it and give them a copy. At this time, you can also request any materials you may need from the sponsor such as brochures, or art files of their logo.

9. Success Stage: Activate your sponsor program.

10. Same Page Stage: Call the sponsor and get their comments. Ask them for their positive and negative feedback about your property. It’s better to know everything, so you can improve the program for them.  

Write your sponsor report and send it to your sponsor or meet with them in person.

Repeat the process and get the sponsor to renew.

Having Sponsors Gets You Sponsors

It's easier to get the Big Money Sponsors when you get sponsors through 'In Trade' deals.

Friends: Do you have friends with businesses that can sponsor you? Trade promotions with them. This will increase your reach. Big money sponsors want to know how many people you can reach. Create a sponsor's page and put their logos on your website which will allow them to promote their business through you.

Charities: Approach a charity that compliments your business and do a promotional trade with them. Ask them if you can put their logo on your website as a sponsor, while promoting their charity to your visitors.

Media: Approach local radio stations or online radio programs and do a promotional trade with them. Ask them if you can put their logo on your website as a sponsor, while promoting their radio station to your visitors.

What Sponsors Want

1. Community: They want to be looked at as a community do-gooder. This is where you can pull in your 'In Trade' sponsors.

2.  Increased Sales: These are your money sponsors. They want 'your reach' and 'your story' to help them get new clients and increase their sales. Usually the more tragic and impactful your story is, the more they want you! They want to know what motivates you or how you survived to tell your story.  If you don't have a story, it's okay. You can simply present an opportunity for sponsorship dollars.

3. It's About The Sponsor: When you're writing your Sponsorship Package you are pitching the sponsor on the opportunity you can bring to them NOT on the opportunity they can bring to you.

4. One Size Does Not Fits All: One sponsorship package does NOT fit all companies. You have to create your sponsorship package to target the interests of the company you want to get sponsored by. You may end up doing numerous sponsorship packages. The good news is 80% of your sponsorship package will remain the same, but your introductions will change.

Areas To Address

Reach: You need to have, or create, a 'reach' of people to promote to. If you want to get a TV show sponsored, the TV station will give you that reach. Same with a radio show.

You can also increase your reach through 'in trade' sponsors. A charity may reach 20,000 people. If you offer their group a benefit and they are open to doing a joint promotion, you can add this list of 20,000 people to your reach when presenting your sponsorship package to a company.

Demographics: Know your demographics (gender, age, income, location, etc.). Don't say 'this is for everyone' as you will be seen as not knowing your demographics and you will NOT get sponsored.

Stats: Use stats to prove your point for sales. You can find these kind of stats by doing online searches for your topic and sales levels.

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