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Lee Romanov is experienced at being interview, and is loved by audiences!

Peter Anthony stuph file

Stuph File Radio Show

Peter Anthony interviewed Lee Romanov on how to make money from something you LOVE... like chocolate.

Romanov explains that all companies want leads, and you can find companies for any topic to send leads to.

For instance, if you LOVE chocolate, you can send leads to cooking classes, wedding planners, cake makers, and especially people who organize kids parties!

Here is an example of the chocolate website Lee created, with giving visitors a tasty reason for them to enter in their name and email address for email marketing. Chocolate Nova

Here’s an example of a Resource Page sending leads to wedding planners, and a cake chefs. 

Here's an example of an Article Page, using a YouTube video to make the page more interesting. And yes, you can add YouTube videos to your page... in fact... YouTube encourages it!

There are also Google's pay-per-click ads, and a wedding planner referral form on this page... both revenue generators. Google pays the website owner 68% of what the advertiser pays them, when a visitors clicks on their ad. It's free to register for these pay-per-click ads with Google AdSense.

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Frankie Boyer Radio Show

Frankie interviews Lee Romanov on how she made millions of dollars online, by sending $5 leads to insurance companies.

After the interview, Frankie was so impressed, she asked Lee to be a weekly guest, and take her, and her audience, through the process on air.

Now everyone listening in, will know how they can start making money by sending leads to companies they recommend.

To find out more about this, and to follow the process for yourself, Lee has set up a section on Frankie's new Income Activator website.

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Steve Harrison Publicity Summit

Steve Harrison - Media 2016 Publicity Summit - New York

Steve Harrison sits down with Lee Romanov, president and founder of, and asks her how she made millions of dollars online and never sold a thing.

Steve is shocked at the simplicity of simply making recommendations to companies, and
what they pay for these kind of leads.

Listen To The Full Interview - It Will Change The Way Your Think

Rick Young's Radio Show

Rick asks... "What's In Your Hand... Talent, Ability, A Gift, or Skill... to Lee Romanov."

Romanov reports..."I just decide to do it.
I'm always venturing into things I know nothing about. I find experience in a field can get in the way of doing something. I just go in, and do it anyway." 

Lee tells Rick's audience that age doesn't matter when making good recommendations. You don't want a lawyer telling you who the best skate board instructor is! 

"Hi Lee, I want to thank you, you are an Awesome Human Being, a True Gift from God, and a Blessing to me, and I am Super excited about All the Wonderful things you are teaching me. I am looking forward to being one of your Success Stories. Thank's for my new Income Activator website Please everyone, check it out & Thank You Lee."

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Maggie Linton Radio Show

Maggie interviews Lee Romanov about becoming
Your Own Online Brand.

We are all heading towards making our own money online. There are 2 ways of doing so, selling and sending leads to companies that pay you.

Lee says that only 1% of your visitors may buy from you, then why not tell the other 99% where to go ;).

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Jennifer Hammond Radio Show

Jennifer interviews Lee Romanov on how to become your own Angie's List. 

Most home owners think that the only way to make money online is by selling your stuff on eBay. 

Lee Romanov says there's a better way.
Get your own website, and send leads to companies you recommend, and get paid for it.

You start with the companies you're already recommending to your friends and family. These companies are probably already paying Google for click advertising. They just might jump at the offer of your sending them qualified leads from the people that are coming to your website. 

You can charge anything you want for your leads, $10, $20, etc. Lawyers pay Google over $200 for leads! 

Here's how it works... 

Mary Jane Pop Radio Show

Mary Jane Popp hosts The KAHI Noon News and Poppoff with Mary Jane Popp.

Mary Jane is amazed at what Lee Romanov reports. You have visitors to you website getting information, all you need to do now is 'tell them where to go' and get paid for your referrals to companies you're already recommending!

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Alive At Five KYNT AM 1450

David Leonard interviews Lee Romanov on how to make money online. Lee has been making money since 1994, and never sold a thing. She tells people what companies they should check out, and gets paid for it... and you can do it too. 

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BS With Schmidt - Talk 1490 WLFN

Bob Schmidt reports this is not BS...
Get Paid... By Telling people Where To Go...
Sick of driving to work everyday? You are giving your advice away for free everyday... But when you do it online you can get paid for it... BIG TIME!

Here's how it works...

Phil Hulett and Friends

Lee Romanov shows us how to make money online. She says your opinion can make you rich. We are all becoming our own Online Brand. We can make money selling stuff, where 1% of you visitors may buy from you, or you can do what the BIG Money companies do, and generate revenue from leads.

Here' how it works...

Michael Vara

Lee Romanov shows us how to make money online.

Here' how it works...


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