Income Activator Offers 2 Affiliate Programs

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1. Website Owner Affiliate Awareness Program                                        

We pay $60 per month, for every person that gets an Income Activator website through your website's affiliate link. You can put your website's affiliate link any where. If 1000 people register through your website affiliate link, you'll be making $60,000.00 per month!  

This video tells you what you get and how the affiliate program works. Take advantage of this limited time offer where you can get your own website for $60 per month instead of $60.  More about this revenue opportunity...

paying for a website! Let your website pay you. With this $60 per month offer, when you get only 1 person to register your Website & Hosting are free! It doesn't matter if you use the website, it's the Website Owner's Affiliate Link you want. Plus, when you get your website, we can create an affiliate website for you for free, like this:  Affiliate Website Sample

To become a Website Owner Affiliate click here and get your website now. Use the promotion code: MakeIt30  

2. Flat One Time Fee

We pay a Flat One Time Fee of $60 for every person that gets an Income Activator website through your affiliate link.

To register and become a Flat One Time Fee Affiliate and receive $60 for every new account that comes through your affiliate link, simply complete the form below and we'll email you your affiliate link. 

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